Parametric Chess Game

The task of the course was to conceive a complete set of chess figures from a single algorithmic definition using Rhino and Grasshopper. Yet each individual figure should exhibit decisive individual characteristics, making it distinctively recognizable from the others. The students were asked to depart from the classical notion of chess figures and reduce their particular features to a selection of essential parameters.

One of each of the students‘ figures was first produced from laser-cut layers from cardboard. After a selection process one final set was chosen, refined and 3D printed at Shapeways. Additionally a chess-board was designed, which was made from laser-cut black and white plastic fields that were inserted into milled cavities of an 8mm thick transparent sheet of acrylic. Additionally each student was asked to create a poster communicating their design approach.

Lydia Jasmin Hempel, Moritz Boos, Maximilian Dauscha, Tim Daniel Ingo Lüders, Leon Ehmke, Florian Schulze, Anna Ocklitz, Elina Mishina, Benedikt Schaudinn

Photos by Maximilian Dauscha and Benedikt Schaudinn